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Steven Jockisch | Steven Jockisch is a designer based in Minneapolis, MN specializing in identities, logos, lettering, print design and packaging. Heholds a BA in Design Communication from the University of Minnesota. The photos above are including the identity, packaging, stationery and uniforms created for Brooklyn Fare- a grocery store located in Downtown Brooklyn. Credits also go to Matteo Bologna, Andrea Brown, Eric Romeo, Darren Farrell and Hana Nakamura. I love the simplicity, the smart and welcoming copywriting, the nice type treatment, the natural yet lively colors chosen and the dash of humor.

Brooklyn Fare is a new, full service grocery store located in Downtown Brooklyn. The identity we created is very simple: one custom proprietary typeface, four colors, and lots of witty copy. The text is useful in highlighting the store’s diverse range of quality products and high standard of service, while at the same time presenting the customer with a bit humor.

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